Villa Abcoude

This detached villa has been designed on a free plot of land at the new Land van Winkel district. Land van Winkel is a two-minute drive from the center of Abcoude and 10 minutes from Amsterdam. Land van Winkel owes its name to the river Winkel. This river runs south of Abcoude through the green polder landscape and connects the river Waver with the river Angstel. The neighbourhood is surrounded by a typical Dutch green meadow and water landscape with its ditches and dikes. This area has a rich history and has many characteristic farms.

The design is based on a modern barn house with a thatched roof. Just like an old-fashioned shed, the facade consists of wooden panels of varying dimensions. The wood that is used is treated and therefore basically maintenance-free. We have placed the entrance of the house on the side. By accentuating the entrance, we have introduced a so-called “fifth facade”. This fifth facade breaks up the long barn and gives it a monumental character. A roof extension at the back functions as a veranda.


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