Villa Vinkeveen 3

This newly built mansion is situated on a beautifully situated plot of more than 7000 m2 located on the Baambrugse Zuwe in Vinkeveen. It also own’s about 3000 m2 of own water on the lake. The lakes are a 20 minute drive from Amsterdam. The plot is very wide which creates a long shore line along the water of the Vinkeveense Plassen. The plot is accessible by means of a private bridge.

The house has got his own private beach and several other facilities. The owner lived in the United States (Los Angeles en Miami) and the project was a team of (international) designers. We were the leading architect in The Netherlands.

The house was listed as the most expenisve house in The Netherlands in 2022 and 2023.

The design of the building is based on symmetry on the one hand and sight lines on the other. Sight lines both within the home and towards the water. A so-called reverse living concept has been applied. We have placed the kitchen on the ground floor with access to the swimming pool and garden. We have positioned the sitting room on the first floor so that there is an unobstructed view of the Vinkeveense Plassen from here. The entrance and staircase design is an impressive eye catcher. the Atrium reaches out to 12 meters high!

The property includes a private beach, an office space, gym with wellness, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, home cinema, bar area with sound studio, 8 bedrooms with 8 bathrooms and walk-in closets. The property has a basement with a parking garage for several cars. On the waterfront, the boathouse is combined with an additional guest apartment.


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