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In the role of consultant, we are active for design and real estate issues at home and abroad.


Our office does also offer personal consulting for private investors and professional real estate developers. Our current clients include both Dutch investors who are looking to investing in the Netherlands and/or abroad and foreign investors who are looking to invest in the Netherlands. We successfully contributed to projects in the Netherlands as well as other countries such as Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain (Ibiza) and the Caribbean (Aruba).

Our clients appreciate an independent opinion when dealing with extended real estate developments and as third party with a lot of experience we are able to provide this on request. Below a few examples of projects where we showed our added value.

As an advisor, we focus on various aspects:

  • acting as a sparring partner for determining a standpoint on (large) real estate developments
  • concept development related to real estate developments
  • advice on zoning plans and regulation
  • advising on and helping to select suitable third parties
  • design consultations
  • advisor related to aesthetics and architecture
Ontwerp appartementencomplex door architect Maxim Winkelaar uit Amsterdam voor een project in London, Engeland.

Apartment complex London Southend, England 
Design consult for new development

Located in downtown Southend-on-Sea, the seaside resort outside of London, our project is a spacious plot with a single-story building which functions as a restaurant. According to the zoning plan it is possible to build a new building of 20 meters high. In the new volume the catering function will be maintained on the ground floor and the upper floors will be used for 12 apartments.

Year: 2017-2018 | Size: 1200 m2 | Design: Maxim Winkelaar Architects.

According to regulation there had to be a mix of different sized apartments. We have designed and mixed three different prototypes in the building to achieve the desired diversity. However, this is not visible on the outside of the building. Municipality dictated that a monumental tree in front of the building had to be maintained. Therefore we made the old tree part of the architecture; by building around it the tree is even more emphasized. In addition, we have drawn inspiration from the original historic construction of Southend with its typical use of materials. We have brought these materials and colors back into the design.

For this project we defined the vision, the concept development of the real estate and made the design for the new building.

Architerctenbureau Amsterdam Maxim Winkelaar maakt ontwerp voor 5 sterren hotel gelegen aan Mauritskade te Amsterdam.

Hotel Mauritskade Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Change of function and development

The building is located on the Mauritskade, on the edge of the Oosterpark in Amsterdam and used to be the cities Dissecting Laboratory. The project involves a major renovation of the building with a transformation into a luxury 4+ star hotel with 120 hotel rooms. There will also be an extension at the park side of the building which includes an underground parking. The surrounding terrain has been redesigned and will become part of the renewed Oosterpark.

Year: 2013-2016 | Size: 8.500 m2 | Design: Maxim Winkelaar Architects.

We have been involved in this project from the initial stage. We have designed the total transformation and arranged all necessary permits for the designation and change of function. In addition, we were the first point of contact for all stakeholders during the process and had a strategic advisory role between real estate owner, municipality and other stakeholders. After the permits were granted, the building has changed ownership. We have also played an active advising role during the sale of the property.

Hotelarchitect Maxim Winkelaar levert ontwerp voor verbouw van bedrijfsgebouwen, hotels en kantoren.

Hotel Sauvage Meiringen, Switzerland
Renovatioin and logistics

At the end of the 19th century, this luxurious 4-star hotel was built in Meiringen Switzerland Meiringen is the main village of the areas Oberhasli and Haslital in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland and has about 5,000 inhabitants. The village is located at an altitude of 600 meters and has good connections to the higher skiing and hiking areas. Meiringen has been a popular international holiday resort since the 19th century.

Year: 2015-2016 | Size: 6000 m2 | Interior design: Maxim Winkelaar Architects.

As the lead architect, we have developed a plan for the renovation of 35 hotel rooms and the exterior of the building. A feasibility study has also been made for the realization of an expansion of 13 hotel apartments. In addition, we contributed to the logistical execution of the construction work, the selection of third party building partners and we acted as intermediary in the permit process.

Architect Amsterdam voor renovatie, restauratie en verbouw in het centrum van amsterdam, appartemente, grachtenpanden en hotel.

Boutique Hotel Damrak Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
Rezoning and development 

This cluster of four buildings is located in the center of Amsterdam. It involves two buildings located on the Damrak and two buildings located on the Nieuwendijk. The buildings are connected to each other from the inside. The project involves a major renovation of all four buildings and the reallocation to catering and short stay hotel apartments. The project is part of the ‘Red Carpet’ municipal initiative.

Year: 2011-2019 | Size: 2000 m2 | Design: Maxim Winkelaar Architects.

For this project we have the designed the entire redevelopment and arranged all the necessary permits for the renovation and change of function. In addition to the role of architect, we were also involved as an advisor in contact with the “Red Carpet” project group of the municipality of Amsterdam. In addition we advised on the destination of the buildings and development of the concept.

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