Design follows personality

Personal architecture
A well-known expression in architecture is ‘Form Follows Function’, which means that the design of a building should primarily relate to the intended function or purpose. We believe in ‘Design Follows Personality’, meaning that we will use our expertise together with our clients to create a personal tailor-made design resulting in projects with unique features. The client’s personality will be incorporated in our design, which automatically enhances the living environment for our clients who will easily assimilate in their new house. Each project tells its own story which is reflected in the wide range of projects that can be seen in our portfolio. See Our projects.

Optimal experience
The world is getting busier and the sense of space around us is becoming increasingly important. The way our clients perceive space is therefore an important aspect in our designs. Porches, patios, atriums, skylights, see-throughs and sight-lines are recurring elements in our projects. By applying different materials and color accents that are combined with modern design lines, beautiful contrasts and effects are created. We make designs for buildings that function well in every way, both practical as well as aesthetic and with an optimal experience. We supervise the design process in phases, with full attention to the wishes of our client. In combination with the reliability, knowledge and quality of our team, personal attention is the cornerstone for realizing projects with success. Read more About us.

Our architectural boutique firm specializes in development and improvement of residences and restoration, transformation and renovation of existing buildings. Our office is located in the center of Amsterdam and led by architect Maxim Winkelaar. Maxim Winkelaar is a strong supporter of revitalizing existing buildings of which the hull is still good. In many cases, a lot more is possible than what is seen at first glance, and with our design, surprising spaces and highly functional buildings can be (re)created. In recent years, our office has successfully designed, built and renovated several villas, houses, apartments, canal houses, monuments and estates in the upper segment. The work of Maxim Winkelaar Architects is included in the internationally published book ‘Reactivate! – Innovators of Dutch architecture’. Maxim Winkelaar is one of the architects on television for the televion show Your Home Made Perfect (De Perfecte Verbouwing) 2021-2022. View videos and publications at Media.

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