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We design, build and renovate villas, houses, apartments, canal houses, monuments and country houses for the higher segment.

Our office

We design, build and renovate luxury villas, residences, apartments, canal houses, monuments and country houses. In the role of personal consultant we are active as designers and real estate specialists in the Netherlands and abroad. We have experience throughout the Netherlands and have successfully finalized projects in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain (Ibiza), England and Aruba.

Our office is located in the center of Amsterdam and is run by a fixed team of motivated people. Every employee has his own expertise, knowledge and network. By cooperating closely together and as we enjoy our work, we can realize projects successfully and efficiently.

Over the years, we have built up a professional network of reliable third party building partners. For each project, we put together a team of professional specialists while we coordinate. We work together with various climate consultants, structural engineers, cost experts, construction managers, landscapers and interior stylists.

Our method
Warm modern interieurontwerp voor de nieuwbouw Villa Vinkeveen door architectenbureau Maxim Winkelaar uit Amsterdam.

We do more than just design. There are a lot of steps involved in the process from an initial idea to the final result. We guide our client in this process, make it clear and comprehensible and more fun. By listening, thinking along and showing different scenarios, the client can make informed decisions.

The environment is important to us. Sustainable building is no longer an extra option these days; it is necessary to include this aspect in the design process from the start.

The architectural drawings and 3D models are created by our agency itself. In addition to creating beautiful artist impressions, there are also many advantages to virtually building a design in advance. One can think of higher architectural quality, reduction of building faults (reduction of failure costs) and limiting ‘surprises’ afterwards. The latest software allows us to easily create different measurement statements of the building that can be translated to the building budget. This way we can continuously monitor and monitor the budget.

Maxim Winkelaar architect in amsterdam voor verbouw, renovatie en nieuwbouw van luxe woningen, appartementen en villabouw.
About Maxim Winkelaar

Maxim Winkelaar is of Dutch-British origin and already at a young age he was interested in (old) buildings. At university he got into building history and art history in addition to his studies in architecture and architecture. This combination of studies and his working experience adds value for recognizing (cultural & historical) qualities and design possibilities of existing buildings.

Maxim Winkelaar added modern architecture to his portfolio when he started studying at the University of London in Contemporary Architecture. His study project was exhibited on the annual architecture exhibition in London. After various internships at home and abroad, he graduated from Delft University of Technology. Because Maxim Winkelaar has gone through all architectural training levels, he masters the language of both the architectural design and the technical execution.

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