Maxim Winkelaar Architects

Our work has been published in various newspapers, magazines and books worldwide.

Architect Maxim Winkelaar is well known in The Netherlands by participating the television show ‘Your home made perfect’.


The designs of Maxim Winkelaar Architects have been published in various newspapers, magazines and books around the world. In addition, architect Maxim Winkelaar lectured in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and England.

Highlights include the lectures for the BNA Building of the Year Awards, the EcoBuild exhibition, the world’s largest event for Sustainable Design in London, England and an interview for German television ZDF about the history of living on the water in the Netherlands for which he also explained the futuristic concept Watergaten®.  Maxim Winkelaar is one of the architects on television for the televion show Your Home Made Perfect (De Perfecte Verbouwing) 2021-2023.

Trailers RTL4 De Perfecte Verbouwing
Promo Haven Lake Village
Promo real estate video 'Villa Muiderberg'
ECOLA Awards nomination | design Villa Zoetermeer
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